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June 12-13, 2014

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New York, NY


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Curating truly unique perspectives on community

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Why CMX Summit?

CMX Summit started as a simple idea: What would happen if we brought the world’s leading community professionals together in one room and inspired them with amazing stories and unique perspectives on community?

Five weeks later, we had a sold out, 300-person event with unbelievable speakers from organizations and fields like the FBI, Apple, Airbnb, Lyft, 500 Startups, behavioral psychology, habit research, community psychology and collaborative consumption.  

With the overwhelming response, it quickly became clear that CMX could be a driving force in the fast growing but still ill-defined community industry.

“I'm really glad the CMX Summit happened. A certain inexplicable magic seemed to be afoot in that room full of community-minded folks. We should all hang out more often.”

-Tim Falls, SendGrid

“I'm still quoting speakers from The CMX Summit days later. It was inspiring, engaging, and actionable.”

- Danya Cheskis-Gold, Director of Community, Spark Capital

“I feel like I've waited 25 years to hear the conversation going on in this CMXSummit"

 - Ellen Leanse, Original User Evangelist, Apple


Why Community?

Community has been around since the beginning of humanity, but only recently with the growth of the Internet has it evolved to the level we see today.  

If you look at many of the last decade’s successful tech companies, they have community at their core. Social networks, collaborative consumption, marketplaces, crowdfunding… these are all built around a deep understanding of how people connect with each other. As a result, there are more community professionals, companies and applications working to bring people together than ever before.   

Yet, there is still a severe lack of knowledge sharing focused on the science, systems and strategies behind building successful communities. There’s still no clear definition for what the community discipline is.    

We hope to change that with CMX. We’re building the hub for the community movement where anyone who wants to better understand how to build thriving communities comes together to learn and grow.  


Why two days instead of one?


  After listening to our community’s feedback we realized that in order to truly create a healthy community at CMX, the one-day event just didn't provide the necessary time to truly connect with each other. We have a massive vision for what this community can be, and we can't squeeze that level of relationship building into one day.   

Who is CMX Summit for?


Community professionals are our champions, but it’s important that the content at CMX reaches beyond our own industry so they can better understand it and integrate it into their work. CMX is about the community movement and helping anyone who would gain from a deeper understanding of human interaction. You should be at CMX if you are:  
  • Community Managers, Directors, Executives or any professionals who focus on building healthy and thriving communities.
  • Product and design professionals interested in learning about building community dynamics into their products.
  • CEO's, Founders, and Entrepreneurs who want to better understand how to build community inside and out of their organizations throughout long-term growth.
  • Marketers, Salespeople, and Business Developers looking to understand the thought process behind influencers and how to truly rally a supportive community.
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